The World of Easy-to-Enjoy Japanese Cuisine Abroad: The Appeal of ‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT


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1. Introduction: The Global Appeal of Japanese Cuisine and Its Challenges

Japanese cuisine, with its delicacy and well-balanced nutrition, has fans all over the world, but recreating it abroad can be quite difficult. This is particularly due to the complexity of the Japanese language in which many recipes are written, making it challenging for ordinary households to access these recipes and procure specific ingredients needed for Japanese cuisine. ‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT offer a solution to these challenges, making it possible to enjoy common Japanese dishes anywhere easily.

2. Introduction of ‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT: Bringing Japanese Cuisine to Your Kitchen

‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT suggest Japanese recipes based on the ingredients and budget input by the user. This tool aims to provide satisfying meals while keeping the budget for each meal around 300 to 500 yen (in Japan), thus being economical. It is also adjusted to easily propose menus that correspond to Japan’s seasonal foods, allowing you to feel Japan even when you are far away.

3. Enjoying Japanese Cuisine Abroad: Cultural Connections and Healthy Choices

Using ‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT allows you to immerse yourself in the depth of Japanese food culture while abroad. The suggested recipes are often made in Japanese households today, leveraging the healthy aspects of Japanese cuisine to provide a balanced diet. This enables users to enjoy Japanese food at home easily and healthily.

4. User Guide: How to Use ‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT

Using ‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT is very simple. Users only need to input the ingredients they have, and they will be suggested the most suitable recipes from a wide selection. This section explains the process of searching for recipes using GPT step-by-step.

Suggestions for Japanese cuisine using specific ingredients

For example, here we request a suggestion for a Japanese menu using tofu, cabbage, carrots, and onions.

A recipe for Yasai Itame (vegetable stir-fry) was suggested, including instructions.

Requesting the recipe for Tamagoyaki and a matching Japanese menu.

This way, you can search for the recipes of the desired menu without having to scroll through web searches multiple times.

5. About the Definition and Copyright of Japanese Cuisine

The definition of Japanese cuisine is still somewhat vague, and foreign menus are also suggested. It’s not intended to insist that these foreign menus are “Japanese cuisine,” but they are considered popular and well-adopted among Japanese people. Please be advised.

Copyright issues are also addressed by avoiding direct quotes and providing URLs when necessary. Also, the function for generating menu images with DALL-E is turned off due to difficulties (as of February 24, 2024).

Please write in the comments if there are any issues.

6. Conclusion: Integrating Japanese Cuisine into Daily Life

‘Japanese home cooking’ GPT are a groundbreaking tool that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy Japanese cuisine. With this tool, even if you are abroad, you can incorporate the rich flavors and culture of Japanese home cooking into your daily meals. Preparing Japanese cuisine has never been easier or more enjoyable, making your daily meals richer and more fulfilling.

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