[Recommended GPTs Part 1] Exploring Generative AI Gaming with ChatGPT: DeepGame


With the launch of the “GPT Store,” a marketplace where users can search for and list “GPTs,” as a feature of paid plans like ChatGPT Plus, many people are likely using it for business purposes. However, in this article, we’d like to introduce GPTs that are specifically designed for entertainment. We’ll focus on “DeepGame,” which I personally found interesting and enjoyable to play. (The information in this article is current as of February 13, 2024.)


What is “DeepGame”?

DeepGame is a unique game developed using GPTs technology, which generates stories in real-time.

The narrative is shaped by the player’s choices, and the story unfolds through AI-generated text and images. It’s almost like playing a TRPG. The game offers various genres of stories, and there’s also enjoyment in the visual aspects. A key feature is that AI acts as the game master, progressing the story based on the player’s decisions.

Who is “DeepGame” For?

“DeepGame” is ideal for those who wish to unleash their creativity and experience new stories. It’s also highly recommended for TRPG enthusiasts.

I Tried Playing It

I decided to give “DeepGame” a try, setting my character as a samurai and the scene as a battle, with a total playtime of 10 minutes.

The story began, and at the end of each narrative segment, I was prompted for my next action.

Visuals were generated in line with the story.

and soon, a bandit boss appeared.

Despite some oddities in the sword’s shape and changes in the boss’s appearance, I managed to deliver a decisive blow to defeat him.


“DeepGame” has the potential to redefine gaming through generative AI technology, creating new narratives. While there are currently limitations in AI response and technical constraints, these are expected to improve over time. For story lovers, “DeepGame” is a game worth exploring.

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